Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A finished UFO

Finally, I have finished a santa ornament that I must have started at least three years ago. I really had most of it done. Even so, the part that was "undone" was the most time consuming. The beads are sewn on one at a time and the cross-stitch thread goes through the bead twice. I finished it up by sticking it to some "sticky felt" and then cut around it. I have already put it safely away with Christmas things for next year.

Now, on to the next UFO. I will be sewing bunny eyes and noses and a couple of buttons onto nine finished quilt blocks. I would really love to get this quilt done before Easter. Wish me luck!


Pungo River Days said...

Looks great. I can remember how much trouble those are. I have some unfinished cross-stitch myself I have been thinking about finishing. You have got me going. Smile

Linda said...

Your work is really exquisite--love the Santa!

Just found your blog through A Southern Grace and laughed out loud at your description of the man eating your chicken pot pie while in line at the church dinner. :))

Does UFO stand for something you haven't finished? Are you a knitter or crocheter?