Friday, April 3, 2009


Look at my lilacs. I have this little bush in a huge pot on my back porch and I'm happy to see it blooming. My GIANT lilac bush is way out off the end of our property and when it blooms, I can cut blossoms to bring inside for weeks. But it is just starting to produce tiny buds and it will be a while before I get any big blooms. This year, I plan to dig up as many suckers as I can from the giant bush to see if I can get them started. I'd love to have a whole hedge row of lilac bushes.

I have used the random number generator and it has chosen number 6 who happens to be Heatherly. Thanks to all of you for responding to my give away. It is nice to know that this project will NOT end up in my closet and might quite possible get finished.


LizzieK8 said...

I hope you share more pictures of your lilacs. I so miss them being from the midwest but living in the southwestern deserts for many years. I tried growing them here, but it's just too hot.

Pungo River Days said...

I can smell those lilacs. And think about the peonies too. OH and the lily of the valley. Dad really did have a lot of great flowers at the Ohio house. Smile