Saturday, August 16, 2008

So Cute ! !

My cats are so spoiled.  These are 5 so cute hand felted mice.  I am not usually a fan of "kits" but this one is an exception.  I really had just gone to my local quilt store (they also sell yarn) to get one fat quarter that I needed and these little critters were sitting right by the register saying "take me home".  The kit is by Bully Woolies and everything you need to make 5 mice is in the box ... wool, catnip, and a little bell.  These knit up really fast.  I used a bit of my own stuffing and look at at the results.  I know the cats are going to love these.  If you'd like to see what other kits BW has just go to  I have enough wool left over to make at least one striped mouse if not two.  

That extra mouse will have to wait for a while though as I am now trying to crank out hats for my new ministry "Hats for the Homeless".  I hope to have enough hats by November (that's when it gets cold here) to keep a lot of heads warm.  I'm using a very simple pattern knit in the round.  Just cast on 60 stitches (I'm using worsted weight wool with a strand of mohair) and then knit for about 8 inches.  Then just do your favorite decrease to round off the top.  They really work up very fast and the rolled edge looks nice.

We've been doing some painting this week and my FC has added some beaded birch paneling to my desk area.  It really looks great.  Now I just have to put everything back in order.  Well, not everything.  I'll try to do some decluttering and get rid of a bunch of bits and pieces.  You know how desks get.

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All that picture needs is a piece of cheese. Smile