Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Honestly.  What are you going to do with left over pumpkin but make pumpkin bread.  Let me explain.  A few days ago, Jessie had a little bit of diarrhea.  I was told that pumpkin would do the trick.  So I opened a can of pumpkin and gave her a dose every few hours and .. bingo .. she was cured.  But then I had about a cup of left over pumpkin.  I just had to do something.  So I cut my regular recipe in half and made one loaf.  I added a handful of craisins and yum.  My FC and I have been snacking on this today and it is really really good!  (Sorry Jessie about your problem, but thanks for the left over pumpkin.)

The tablecloth on my kitchen table was a birthday gift to me from my best friend.  She was on vacation in the south of France in June.  She brought this beautiful creation back for me.  It is almost too nice to put on the table but then at my age, I've decided to use the good stuff.  I'll just be really careful.  (Thanks Susan.)

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Pungo River Days said...

I never think about pumpkin bread in the summer. Hmmm . But that cloth looks like i would be afraid of using it also. Absolutely beautiful. Smile