Monday, July 28, 2008

Checked off my wishlist.

When I was a small child and lived in Ohio, our family vacation many times took us to Bear Lake Michigan.  As an adult, I have thought about those vacations and how much fun I had with my sister and cousins.  We always rented a cottage right on the lake.  The water was shallow for a long way out and usually pretty warm by mid-summer.  You could see through the clear water to the white sandy bottom and watch minnows flitting in every direction.  

So when I tried to think of places that I would love to see one more time, I thought of Bear Lake.  It is still the tiny town that it was, almost like time stood still.  Most times "going back" is such a disappointment because things have changed so much.  I had a vision in my mind of what I remembered and I was apprehensive that my "child's" memory was not accurate.  But as it turned out, I was absolutely thrilled to find my memory was "spot on" and the little town of Bear Lake was the same.  We really had a very nice stay 

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Pungo River Days said...

Do you remember that the cabins we stayed in had all the garbage cans chained down and the lids chained closed? The bears came out of the woods at night.