Monday, August 18, 2008

Jessie has been loving her pool

When the weather was so hot a few weeks ago, we went out and got a pool for Jessie.  It has been her favorite thing to do ever since.  In fact, she acts like she needs to go out just so she can go and jump into her pool.  At first, she was a little timid and only walked around a little bit.  Then she really got in to it and started slapping the water and biting the waves and bubbles.  Next thing I know she's got her nose to the bottom and she's blowing bubbles.  Now she runs through the yard and takes a flying leap into the pool.  She will get completely soaked.  It been a lot of bother to get her dried off each time before she comes back into the house but it really cools off a long haired dog.  She's a lot more comfortable after a romp in the water.


Pungo River Days said...

I couldn't find a pool when I looked a month ago. All they seemed to have in my stores was the blow up kind. The is so great that she likes it. Looks like fun. Smile

jstfrnds8 said...

My new rescue puppy will have a pool to enjoy just like jessie is. I'm so looking forward to the fun we will have spoiling her and giving her a new happy life.