Friday, July 25, 2008

Unbearable heat ....

and humidity.  Now I'm beginning to wish that we were still in Ohio or Michigan.  The heat has a way of making you completely exhausted just walking to the mailbox.  

The weather was really nice in Ohio mid-June.  On the day of the wedding, we were able to make a trip to the cemetery and put some flowers on my mom and dad's grave.  It was flag day and the entire entrance was lined on both sides by big full sized flags.  It was gray and cloudy and a wee bit misty.  Sort of how I was feeling that day.  I hadn't been back to Ohio since last summer when we had a small service at the cemetery to bury my mom and dad's ashes.  The marker wasn't placed until late last fall.  So this was the first time I'd seen it.  We had a few "misty" moments and then tried to get into a wedding frame of mind.

The happy couple is my cousin's daughter and her FC.  My cousin's son is standing to the right of the groom.  He has been in Iraq for the last couple of years but was able to come to the wedding and will be home for a while now.  The wedding was beautiful and lasted long into the night.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  I don't get to see my Aunt and my cousins often enough and I really wish I lived closer to them.

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