Monday, July 21, 2008

Not the least be camera shy.

Jessie Rose is such a clown.  When she sees the camera, I only have a second to take a picture before she is on top of me.  It didn't help that I was trying to take a picture during her 7 p.m. crazies.  For some reason, each evening, she begins a wild and crazy performance.  She spins around on her LLBean bed and then jumps up and runs head first into her beanbag.  The cats scatter when she starts this and any toys left on the floor are likely to be shot into kitchen when she grabs one, shakes it and lets it fling.  After a few minutes of this, she will calmly walk away from the beanbag, go get a drink of water, come back to the living room and plop down for a snooze.  She is so funny and we have to just put our books down and watch her.  

This morning we were up early to go for a 2 mile hike with Jessie.  It was already very hot and humid and I'm glad that I'm now in for the day.  The air conditioning feels good.  Jessie will get a bath to cool her off.  I'm seriously considering getting her a plastic pool to splash around in.  Her experience with water so far has been comical.  The first time she walked in water she just stood and looked at her feet as though they were no longer a part of her.  She kept lifting them and putting them down and looking at them through the water.  When she was satisfied that her feet were not going to leave her body, she started slapping the water and then tried to bite the tiny waves that she made.  So if I don't get her a pool soon, I think we will go up to the lake and see how she does with deeper water.  We just have to stop by Overton's and get her a lifejacket first.


Pungo River Days said...

Tasha's evening tirade (almost every night) includes running around the living room into the dining room then down the hall then start all over again until she is out of breath then she drinks her whole bowl of water and flops. You would think her tail was on fire. Jessie looks happy. Looking forward to seeing her some day. Smile

Susan said...

Your critters are so adorable! I don't think I've seen a prettier kitten and Jessie's personality just shines out of her eyes!