Sunday, July 20, 2008

Newest Member of the Family!

This is Annabelle "a.k.a. Annie".  We got her a couple of days after we got home from Michigan.  It is a dangerous thing to board a dog at our vet clinic.  They very often have "drop-offs" early in the morning before anyone gets there.  So this little doll was in a box at the door with 3 of her litter mates.  And of course, when I went to pick up Jessie I get asked "you wouldn't happen to want a kitten would you?"  Well this is the second time we have brought home a kitten when we have gone to pick up a boarded dog.  Do you see a pattern here?  So after she was tested for illnesses, we were able to go back and pick her up.

Annie has fit in so well and to our surprise, she actually has the best relationships with Jessie, who is now 37.5 pounds and Teddy "a.k.a. monster cat".  Who would have thought that Teddy the trouble maker would cuddle her and lick her ears.  He is so sweet to her.  Jessie loves to have her right under her feet sort of in a "I'm guarding you" position.  Annie also loves to snuggle with us.  And she has a very loud purr.  I think she is really liking it here and we are loving having her.

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Stasia said...

Oh, bless you for taking her in. She's lovely.

We just had another stray show up. Sigh. Had him neutered and tested... what else can we do?!