Thursday, February 7, 2008


Prior to my "after Christmas" illness, I really got a lot done. I had hoped to take pictures of my gorgeous creations but somehow everything just seemed to slip away without being photographed. The Camo fleece did make a wonderful robe for Grandson Zane. He loved it and wouldn't take it off all day. The jammies were a little big on Rowen but still nice for this year and next. The Banner. Yes, it finally got the binding on it and it stills hangs in the dining room of my best friend. Since it says "Winter Blessings" I think it will be up until the first day of spring. And the can I forget the eight panels that fit so perfectly and gave my daughter's downstairs family room a warm rosy glow. PERFECT. It was good to get so much done.

So........ Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. Were you ready? Did you make all those "give-up" promises for lent? Did you make all those commitments to diet and exercise? Well, I did. Pretty basic. Less food, more exercise and try to be more productive. I'm off to a good start but then this is only day two.

The shawl I made while I was sick was one of those things that got away without a picture but I am going to take a picture of my finished Noro felted bag soon. It turned out really cute. Thanks Susan for the beautiful Noro yarn.

Now back to the spinning wheel to finish up some 50/50 kid mohair and border leicester. I'll have some pictures in a couple of days.

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