Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No way to start the year

Last year, my faithful companion started the New Year with the flu. We made a speed trip home from our friends house where we had spent New Year's Eve so that we could get home before I came down with it. I never did get the flu for which I was grateful. This year, however, it was my turn. We made the same Christmas trip that included a stop at our friend's house. Two days after we got home I was hit with a nasty cold.

So here I sit (because if I stand up I'll be dizzy) and I'm not getting to any of the fiber room stuff that I had planned to work on. I wanted to make a long, and I do mean long, list of projects that live in my fiber room so that I could begin picking them off one at at time. Getting organized this year is really my top priority. So while the door to the fiber room is closed tight to keep the cats out, I have had a chance to start two new projects. I know, that isn't making any progress in getting already started projects done. But I just need to do something simple because the drugs just make me sleepy and I can't do anything complicated.

My good friend gave me three balls of Noro to make a felted bag. I have knit almost to the buttonholes. It's a very easy pattern. Also, I started a new prayer shawl for my church knitting group. It's a fun pattern and also very easy. If I fall asleep while knitting I won't have any problems picking up stitches or finding my place.

So, in a couple of days, I will be well and I will probably have a picture of a finished Noro felted bag and light and fluffy prayer shawl. And in a short while I will post a contest to win a beautiful sterling silver shawl pin. Is anyone interested?

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