Monday, February 2, 2009

OKAY, this is a really bad picture!

Here is the 11 foot scarf I knitted for my son for Christmas. Yes, ELEVEN feet! But that wasn't the hardest part. As you can see, this is an illusion scarf and I designed it to show the official hurricane flag .. a black square within a red square. Since my son is a Hurricane's hockey fan, he just had to have one. I went to all of the sites that explained how the illusion patterns are supposed to work and I even got the only book I could find in the library about "shadow knitting" but until I sat down and tried it, I didn't know how confusing it was going to be. Needless to say, there is truth to "old dog, new trick". After several failed attempts I finally came up with the pattern. Then the knitting was just pure determination to make it as long as he wanted. So will I ever try to make my own illusion design again? Well .... I was kind of thinking how nice it would be to have a hat with golden retrievers in the ribbing. Yes! I think I will try to design that one for next winter.

And where there is knitting, there are cats. My littlest girl Annabelle is very comfortable at the end of the table. All my cats guarantee that any gift from me will contain much of their precious fur. They like to share. Sweet, right?

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Rebecca said...

Lovely blog! I´m enjoying your posts!