Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter Beach

The beach in the winter is really very beautiful. You can really have it all to yourself. That is because it is COLD! We attended a wedding in Pine Knoll Shores and decided that we would enjoy a walk on the beach the next morning before going home. We took Jessie Rose with us to see how she would like the ocean. She didn't. I had my crocs on and the water was pretty cold but she didn't even want to get her feet wet at all. She ran from the waves as they ran up on the beach and after the first one hit her feet, I could barely get her close to the water again. The wind was icy cold that day and we didn't stay long. Just long enough to know that Jessie is going to have to spend a little more time at the lake before we take her to the beach again.


Sara said...

Oh, poor baby...not a winter beach dog! But, she is a beauty!!!

Pungo River Days said...

Good picture of Jessie's growing up. Belongs in her scrap book. C.

Bunny said...

HI, Thanks for visiting my blog, and the wonderful story you shared with me.