Saturday, November 1, 2008

I spent a day setting the twist in several skeins of yarn that I had spun over the summer.  It seemed like I had yarn hanging from the chandeliers.  Now all is ready to make into (undetermined) projects.  The purple was a batt that I purchased at Grafton Farms while I was in Rhinebeck a year or so ago.  It was wonderful to spin and made a nice light worsted.  The pink was what was left over from the yellow and pink that I started spinning last March.  I plied the pink and yellow together for a sort of orange two ply.  The green and pink looked better as a roving and I guess I didn't space out the colors well enough to make a nice variegated yarn.  It just looks sort of blah.  The denim color is about a pound of Romney that I got at the NH wool tour and although it seemed a bit fuzzy in the roving, it spun up to a nice worsted yarn and I know that I will be making a sweater out of this yarn.  What a good time of year to have all this yarn ready to be knitted.  

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Robin said...

I can't wait to see what you do with all this yarn! Such pretty colors!