Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nothing fancy.

It is almost time to put away the wool socks. In the summer, I hardly ever wear shoes around the house and most often wear sandles when I go out. So I decided to take a picture right after getting them all washed and before they go into my bottom drawer for the summer. There are a few pair that I made for gifts and my only memory of them is the little bit of left over yarn. These I've made over the last few years. Back row left to right, Kroy, Rowan, Kroy, ??, Regia, Sockotta, ??. Front row left to right, Opal, Fortissama, ??, Opal, Silja, Lion Brand. All are pretty simply knit. This year I plan to start making some lacy socks and maybe even some cables. AND I WILL make a pair of toe up socks.

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Pungo River Days said...

I will hold you to the toe up. Because then you can give me advice. Sis