Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's in the mail.

I finished my grandson's robe. He picked a "Snoopy" fleece print. It really turned out cute. Since my grandkids are home schooled, they have "Friday in PJ's" for school. All the boys like to wear their robes. Now Quinn will have his new robe for next Friday. It is amazing how fun it is to sew with fleece. I have found that Hancock fabrics has the biggest and best selection of fleece and it seems they are always running some type of sale on it. Next year, all grandkids will have fleece jammies. For the boys, I'll just have to make the bottoms. They like to wear T-shirts with jammie bottoms. For sweet Rowen, she will have top and bottom and maybe even a sleepshirt. OOOOh. That sounds nice. Maybe I'll make myself one also.

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