Thursday, March 6, 2008


Who knew?? Quite by accident, I have been crocheting an afghan for my SIL and her new FC. The colors are dark because I know that he will be using it more than she will. It needs to be done by March 15. I only have 8 more rows across and then will do a 5 row border all the way around. The border adds another 4 inches in each direction. Nice for a cold night. The yarn is from my stash and I am happy to use up about 8 skeins for this afghan. The bare spot on the shelf will be filled with some yarn from one of the bins. Eventually, I will get all my bins emptied and yarn will stare at me from all directions. Although it taunts me, I do like to know what I have so that I will continue to plan projects to use it up.

But .... I am starting on another crochet project this month and what better time to do it than in the designated "CROCHET MONTH". I'll post a picture of pattern and fiber in a day or so. Come back then and leave a comment on how CRAZY I am to ever think that I will accomplish such a project. One could hope to live so long.

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Pungo River Days said...

This is jealousy speaking here "If you didn't spend so much time making those delicious soups and loaves of bread you would have more time to get that afghan done in time." From your sister that is being VERY lazy after a busy morning.