Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthday gift all ready to go

I have just finished putting together a birthday gift for my BFF.  Since she is from Denmark, I decided to make five little Nisse (Christmas Elves).  She loves anything to do with Nisse.  I also made Pepita Brittle for the first time following the recipe exactly as very well written at  I had enough to fill a tin, give a small gift bag to a neighbor and have a leftover dish for my FC.  The scarf is knit with Plymouth Baby Alpaca.  It is as light as a feather and the pattern was easy.  It took just one skein.  Now all is ready to package up and get into the mail.  And it will be on time I might add.  Sigh.... a feeling of accomplishment.

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Cinders said...

Hi Jeanne,
I found it very funny how you found my blog, but glad you did anyway!! Thanks for your advice. i've heard of the effects of the nightshade family myself. I used to be so strict with my diet ut then I got depressed again and gave up. my DD is on a health kick at the mo and she's doing all the cooking so she's taking me along for the ride1
I read through all your posts. I love your spinning. my wheel is a bit big and clunky, like a Louet 10, but beggers cant be choosers and its good for a first whel. i am doing it slowly as my FM allows.
Like your elves they'e cue. we hve 2 cats and try and keep them off the furniture, they've wrcked our lther suite, but they just sneek back.

Nice to chat to you. BTw have you poppe ove to our Firofroggers on Rav?