Thursday, October 30, 2008

While I was recovering ......

A week ago, I ended up with a four day headache and didn't feel like doing much. I know I probably should have just sorted through my UFOs and found something to finish up but for most of my projects, it is an investment of time and thought to get everything back together again and find where I left off. So, knowing that thinking wasn't what I was going to do best under the influence of pain meds, I started a very easy top down sweater. I've made this sweater a number of times over the last 20 years or so and this is the second one for my granddaughter. The yarn is Plymouth Encore Colorspun and though I would rather be knitting wool, I have to consider where it is going (South Carolina) and how it will be handled (into the the washer and dryer). So a less warm and more tolerant fiber needs to be used. I like the way the colors have played out but it wasn't without manipulation. I've used two skeins so far and in each skein I ran into a "join" where the colors were tied on out of sequence. It took more thinking than I had anticipated to work the sleeves the same but now that I'm on the "home stretch" I (hopefully) can just knit until the bottom ribbing. Since I am so close to finishing, this will NOT be a UFO. In fact, it will most likely be a Christmas gift. One down, many to go!

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