Monday, March 17, 2008

This could take a while.

I mentioned earlier this month that since it was "Crochet Month" that I would be finishing up the afghan and starting a new crochet project. Well ...... I ordered my thread (19 balls of it), have the pattern, and have tried two prototypes to see what size hook I should use. The first one with the Bates hook in size 7 was 1/2 inch too big. The second one with the Boye hook size 6 was about the same size. My sister made me realize that I was going the wrong directions for hook size so she lent me her size 8 and 9 hooks to see if I can get a 4 inch square. I'm going to give it a try today. But isn't it interesting that different manufactured hooks give different sizes. I didn't even finish the second prototype because I could tell it was the same size as the first. Isn't the tablecloth pretty? I haven't done the math yet to find out how many of those 4 inch squares I will need. I don't want to know until I've got the first row of squares done. I hate to make any predictions but I really do hope to have this tablecloth done for Thanksgiving or if not, then Christmas. Okay. So here is the big question. Do you think I'm totally nuts to want to get such a big project done this year? Go ahead. Hit me with your best comment.


Michelle said...

Huh. Better you than me! :-)

Pungo River Days said...

Prayers and wishful thinking. Seems to me you could get it done if you gave everything else up including giving up brushing your teeth. Smile