Friday, March 28, 2008

1 down ..... 203 to go!

Seriously, 203!!! I have done the math and my tablecloth will take 204 of the crocheted squares. I have also done the calendar and figured that if I crochet one square a day, every day, I will have my tablecloth done by October 17. Yes ... 2008. This really seems doable. And if I only do one a day, I won't have my fingers cramping up with holding the fine crochet thread. My sweet FC has made me a duplicate of the thread holder that I saw in a magazine. He's pretty talented that way. It's working out really nicely.

So the UFO I'm working on at the same time will be the camo socks that I'm making for my FC. I actually started them a loooooog time ago with the EZ percentages pattern. Well, I found out rather quickly, in fact it was when I got the heel flap done, right where I stopped, that I can't do percentages. I had it explained to me several times and I'm not going to ask again. My knitter friends think I'm a little ..... s-l-o-w on the uptake. So I looked until I found a pattern in my Charlene Schurch book that started with the same number of stitches and I will just "ease on over" to her pattern that spells it out for me. Now I hope to get these socks done over the summer along with a couple of other UFOs that I will be working on at the same time. Since we are putting away wool socks for the summer now, I will be happy just to have these done by September. They are the camo color from Lorna's Laces sock yarn. Really pretty but going slowly on size 0 needles.

Both of these projects will be easy to carry along with me to whip out a few stitches if I have a moment.

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How long does it take to make one in minutes or tv programs?