Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Mittens....and stuff

I have the last two pair of mittens done for Christmas. Now each of last year's hats will have a matching pair of mittens to go with it. Working with metal double pointed needles for the last couple of weeks has made me decide to replace them with wooden needles. I could really feel the cold on the fingers from the metal needles. Now, I'll be making some wrist warmers with "warmer" needles.

Today is the day we put up the Christmas tree. The cats are already trying to get into the box the tree is stored in. Last year, they were just kittens and keeping them out of the tree was nearly impossible. I was hoping that this year would be different. Time will tell. By this time tomorrow we will either have a beautifully decorated tree or a tree with cats in it. My dear little faithful companions......

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