Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stormy Day

My favorite kind of day. It has gotten here slowly, moving in overnight with light sprinkles. Now the "big" rain is here with threats of lightning and thunder. I have always looked upon stormy, cloudy, gray, overcast days as being peaceful, quiet, and soothing. Those are three things I like to have in my life so a day like today is very welcome.

Gracie is here and getting comfortable in her surroundings. If we have thunder today, it will be a test. My sweet Maggie girl was terrified of thunder and only after she lost her hearing was she able to get through a storm without panic. I'm hoping that storms don't bother Gracie. There is so much to learn about a shelter dog. Not getting much information from her foster parent was a little unsettling but each day will give me more understanding as to what her strengths and weaknesses are. Right now, her strengths are in her good nature, gentleness towards my cats, and her loving personality. Her weaknesses are trying to sneak into the cats food bowls and looking very longingly at the backyard fence with visions of going over it in a single bound. Both are worrisome but time will tell if I can correct those bad habits.

Now the project for the day will be to see if I can get my fingers wrapped around my double point knitting needles and finish off a mitten I'm making. Then on to its mate. Wouldn't that be nice if I could get that done today?

Well, if gray days are not your thing, then I hope wherever you are you have sunshine.

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